Sunday, February 15, 2009

Start Your April Fools Jokes Early

Time Waits For No One

For some reason Valentines Day always reminds me that April Fools is coming up. This most likely draws from the fact that I'm the youngest of two siblings, and it's become a personality trait to express my affection by irritating the crap out of an individual.

Needless to say I have very few close friends.

Since nothing says "I care about you" like a good practical joke, I'd like to take the time to remind you that April Fools day is a very short 32 business days away, and depending on how deep your pranks run, you may need to get some infrastructure in place.

The Right Joke For The Right Bloke

A good practical joke is tailored to theapril-fool individual. Knowledge of their technical depth, their patience, any history of violence, and past convictions are key to finding just the right level of crazy.

If you'd like to go shopping for ideas, I'd suggest starting here. My only advise is to be prepared for retaliation. Most pranks usually deserve another, and the minute your cover gets blow, it'll already be too late to start wearing a helmet.

Get Going

So get on it. Usually most April Fools jokes fall apart because people leave them to the last minute. DNS records may need to get updated, proxies may need to get provisioned, machines may need to get hacked. Don't risk leaving it to the last minute, start being devious and subversive today!

I'll share this years war story on April 2nd.


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Anonymous said...

Some pretty funny pranks in that Stackoverflow link. Especially like the one about setting up an Outlook rule to spawn an application whenever an email with a certain subject line comes in. Unfortunately most of the people where I currently work have been too well trained to lock their terminals.