Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Improperly Configured Service Accounts in SharePoint 2007

Anyone who runs SharePoint 2007 for more than a couple days quickly becomes familiar with the litany of errors that show up in the even log. Even scarier is the series of random fixes we some how seems to put together. From the Local Activation error to authentication errors it's startling just how many error codes you can look at and say "oh yeah, you just need to head into the registry and... or yeah that's under the Central Admin...".

Here's another one, the error is:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Office SharePoint Server Event
Category: Launcher Service
Event ID: 6102
Date: 1/30/2008
Time: 10:10:55 PM
User: N/A
Computer: W2K3-TYLER-VIRT
Description: LoadBalancer.RegisterLauncher failed: Unable to connect to the remote server.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

This usually happens when the Document Conversions Load Balancer Service is using a bad service account. Try the following.

Configuring Service Accounts

  1. Head to the Central Administration->Operations. Under Security Configuration click on Service account. Service Account area of Central Administration
  2. Click the Windows Service radio button and select Document Conversions Load Balancer Service. Ensure that it is set to a proper service account. Setting Document Conversions Load Balancer Service to a service account

Give it a good 20 minutes to make sure that this is really fixing the problem. If it doesn't then try and you don't want to run the service in the first place then you can just stop the service.

Stopping Services on the Server/Farm

  1. Open up the Central Administration->Operations->Services on Server.
  2. Click Stop next to the Document Conversions Load Balance Service. You may want to stop the Document Conversions Launcher Service too.Stopping Document Conversion Laucher Service

Still waiting for a stock install of SharePoint 2007 to run without screaming red in the event log (even with SP1).



Dwayne Hicks said...


I have searched out the solution to this problem extensively, but with one difference. When I try to access Central Administration I receive the same errors as when accessing the site; Denied Access, Forbidden or Service Denied. So many searches point me back to your blog that I thought I might try and ask you for some assistance. Thanks for the original post by the way, wish I could use it.

Dwayne Hicks
US Navy

Patrick said...

Great post Tyler.

My problem was slightly different - my farm was throwing errors even though the Launcher Service and Load Balancer Service were stopped. After some digging I found out that I also needed to disable Local Services.

Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services

Right click and Stop "Office Document Conversions Launcher Service" and "Office Document Conversions Load Balancer Service" then Disable both.

Patrick said...

Almost forgot... Disable services by right-clicking and select Properties.

Tyler Holmes said...

Thanks Patrick, I appreciate the feedback. I'll be sure to give that a try if the above doesn't help!


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