Thursday, January 31, 2008

Changing to Blogger Custom Domain Breaks Windows Live Writer Images

I've been using Windows Live Writer to do my blog entries of late. I'm a fan of the UI and the user experience is quite a bit more consistent than what I was getting using the Blogger WYSIWIG. I finally mustered up the courage the other day to move from my old blogger sub domain to a more fancy I was rewarded for this effort by having all the images in the posts that I did with Windows Live Writer break.

I was annoyed to say the least. While I haven't found a way to fix all the broken images (besides downloading them from Blogger or Picasa and uploading them again), I did notice that if you update your Windows Live Writer profile with your blog changes future posts will no longer result in broken images. Here's the steps.

Changing to a Custom Domain and Updating Windows Live Writer

  1. First run the Blogger steps to start using custom domain (found here).
  2. This will break all the posts you've done with Windows Live Writer, you'll need to go back and fix them, either by editing old posts and fixing the links or by re-uploading broken images.
  3. Update Windows Live Writer to use your new Blogger settings, this will enable future posts through Windows Live Writer to upload images to Picasa that are accessible. You can do this by opening Live Writer, navigating to Tools->Accounts->Click Edit on the account with the custom domain-> Update Account Configuration->Update your new Home Page URL and click Next through the wizard.

Updating Windows Live Writer to Custom Domain

Simple huh? Well the first time through it's frustrating and confusing as hell. I'm not sure who to blame, Live Writer, Blogger or Picasa.

Anyway's, I hope it helps. Blogging can be tedious enough as it is.

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Joe Cheng said...

I wrote a blog post about this problem, with an explanation and solution. Let me know if you have any questions!

Tyler Holmes said...

@Joe Cheng - Thanks for following up Joe, I'm glad a Live Writer Team member is on top of this, even if your solution isn't yet an MS released one.