Monday, November 26, 2007

Visual Studio SP 1 Error on Windows 2003

I was building a up a workstation the other day for SharePoint and one of the last steps was patching Visual Studio up to Service Pack 1. It's a sizable patch (over 150 MB on disk) and takes a while to unpack never mind run.

What was driving me crazy though was that the installer kept dying and throwing out this error message:

"Error 1718. File was rejected by digital signature policy"
I was pretty sure that the patch was not corrupt, it had just successfully installed on a Windows XP machine not 20 min before. After poking around I stumbled upon this KB article which fixed the issue. As it turns out there's a bug in the Windows Installer for Windows 2003. When trying to verify the signature of a file it needs a (depending on the size of the file) a fairly large piece of contiguous virtual memory to load the file into. For files that are pretty big this can be a problem. What ends up happening is Windows often can't come up with the contiguous memory and so the validation step fails and it throws the above error.

The KB article above includes a hot fix for Windows 2003.


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